Currently, there are 10.4 million residential swimming pools in the United States. This means that a little over 8% of homes have swimming pools.

Although many homes have swimming pools these days, fewer of those have a fiberglass pool. Although concrete pools are also very common, fiberglass pools are becoming more popular every day.

If you’re thinking about installing a fiberglass pool, you’re making a great decision. Here’s why now is the best time for a fiberglass pool installation.

Benefits of a Fiberglass Pool

Although you may have been considering a standard concrete pool for your home, fiberglass pools have plenty of advantages that make them the superior choice.

For one, fiberglass pool installations are usually much quicker than concrete pool installations. It may take months to install a concrete pool, but a fiberglass pool can be installed in a matter of weeks.

Another benefit of fiberglass pools is that they are constructed in a quality-controlled factory environment rather than on-site. While the quality of a concrete pool installation will rely heavily on the contractor you choose, fiberglass pool installations are always high-quality because they’re manufactured in a factory. They are also incredibly strong and durable and will last a long time.

Finally, fiberglass pools are also very low maintenance and affordable when compared to concrete pools. They are resistant to algae growth, and you’ll have to spend less money to maintain them over time.

When Should You Install a Fiberglass Pool?

If you’re planning to install a swimming pool, get started as soon as you can. Although fiberglass pool installations are relatively fast, the process can take a significant amount of time. Because the complete installation, including getting permits, can take several months, you should begin the process well before you’re interested in taking a swim.

The fall and winter seasons are great times to begin the installation process. During these months, installations aren’t as common, so pool installation companies have more availability. Prices are also a good bit lower during this time due to decreased demand.

On the other hand, spring and summer aren’t ideal times to request a fiberglass pool installation. In both of these seasons, prices will be higher, and a pool installation company will be busy with many other projects.

If you choose to get your fiberglass pool installed during the summer, then you may find that the installation isn’t finished early enough to make full use of the pool. You may only get to use it for a short part of the summer season and will then need to wait until the next year to swim in it again.

Factors to Consider

Several things can affect the length of a fiberglass pool installation and the timeline that a pool company will follow. Here’s what you should consider.

Pool Manufacturing Time

Remember that installing a pool takes time, so you need to start communicating with a pool contractor and planning your installation early on. Since a fiberglass pool installation may take as long as six weeks, plan to request an installation well before the summer season begins.

If you want to fully enjoy the pool that you install once the summer season rolls around, be sure to speak to a pool company in spring or in fall or winter to be safe.

Pool Company Demand

Another thing that has a big impact on the timeline of a fiberglass pool installation is the availability of pool companies.

Pool companies are generally more busy in the spring and summer than they will be in the fall or winter months. Most experienced companies will have a lot of work during the spring and summer and will have a lot of projects to work on.

It may take them longer to get around to working on your pool during this time, and it may be weeks or even months before they can get started. If you want to ensure that your pool is ready for the summer, contact a pool builder in the fall or winter.

Cost Considerations

If you want to get the best price possible for your fiberglass pool, then building in the fall or winter is also the best choice. Prices for the installation will tend to be lower during these seasons due to the reduced demand. Prices will be higher in the spring and summer when there is a higher demand for pool installations.

Also, keep in mind that fiberglass pool prices have been rising consistently over the past few years. The costs of labor, materials, insurance, and more will likely go up more as time goes on.

If you want to get the best fiberglass pool installation price, then now is the time to schedule fiberglass pool installation. The longer you wait, the higher the price will be, regardless of the season.

Fiberglass Pool Installation Process

The timeline for a residential pool installation will vary based on the company you hire to perform the installation. Installing a fiberglass pool is faster than installing a concrete pool, which can take up to six months. However, the entire process will still take time.

A fiberglass pool installation may take just three weeks, but it could take as long as five or six, depending on the factors mentioned above. Be aware of this when planning your installation.

There are a lot of steps to the fiberglass pool installation process, and each will take time. Here are some of the steps that will be a part of the process.

  • Design
  • Excavation
  • Trenching
  • Installation
  • Plumbing
  • Decking

At Splash Fiberglass Pool Co, we guarantee prompt service from the moment you reach out to us. However, the process can still take time, so request a consultation to learn what you can expect from the timeline.

Planning a Fiberglass Pool Installation

If you’re considering a fiberglass pool installation, don’t wait. Now is the best time to get started. Fall and winter are the best months to request an installation if you want to ensure the process is efficient and you get a great price.

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